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Genealogical Council of Oregon Speakers Bureau

Name: Leslie Brinkley Lawson

How to Contact:
Full mailing address: 5180 SW 198th Ave., Aloha, OR 97007
Phone: 503-649-6679
Fax: 503-848-3614
E-mail address:

Background information:
Brief speaking/genealogical bio: Researching for over 15 years, Leslie Lawson is a professional genealogist.  She is active in her genealogical community, serving as Membership Chair for the Genealogical Council of Oregon (GCO) May 2002 to date; Director at Large for the Genealogical Forum of Oregon (GFO) 2002-2003, and 2nd Vice President 2003-2005.  Teaches Beginning Genealogy on a bi-monthly basis at GFO.  She has membership in several national organizations, including: NGS, GSG and APG as well as other local societies.

Member of GCO?  Yes
Fees: $75 to $100 dependant upon distance.

Will you travel?  Yes
Do you require reimbursement of transportation costs? Yes, negotiable
Do you require reimbursement of food costs? No
Do you accept home housing? No

Syllabus, AV, & books:
Can you provide syllabus materials?  Yes
What AV equipment do you require?  Overhead projector and screen.  If available, projector for Powerpoint presentation instead of overhead.
What Audio aids do you require? Lapel Microphone; lectern and table
Do you have items for sale at the lecture?  No

1. Find It in The Past; Preserve It for The Future: Newspaper Research  
2. Beginning Genealogy: Let’s Jump Start Your Genealogy
3. Going There, Walking Their Ground...:  Doing on Site Research
4. Planning a Reunion: The Steps to a Successful Reunion!
5. Building Leads In Vital Records to Get From There to Here: Locating People In The Last Century
    Please contact for further information regarding lectures.

Page last updated 20 July 2005
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